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Indoor and Outdoor Dog Activities

All dogs need exercise, even if they’re of the needy variety. A dog that isn’t mentally and physically stimulated each day will eventually become depressed, obese and even aggressive. These pack animals require little adventures throughout the week to keep them happy, and failing to do this will lead to a variety of different issues later on. Not having enough space in your house or yard isn’t an issue anymore. There are so many cool and specially made gadgets designed specifically for dogs, that will enhance playtime, even in small apartments. From doggy treadmills and obstacle courses to trailblazing and swimming, there’s almost no adventure you and your pup can’t go on together.

Indoor and Outdoor Exercise

Not every activity has to be outside, even if you happen to have a larger breed of dog. Knowing how to play within the confines of your home is essential to keeping both you and your pet safe. The trick is in finding useful tools without breaking the bank. Although, when the time is right, getting outside is always best. 

Running and walking: Either through a winding forest trail or at home on a treadmill, getting at least an hour of cardio for both you and your dog is great for maintaining optimal health. Of course, time spent partaking in cardio exercise will differ depending on the breed. Finding dog treadmills for sale is a perfect solution for those with smaller or flat faced canines because of the control you have over the speed. Not every dog is suitable for trails.

Tug of War: This is a classic game that allows for easy physical exertion and is a lot of fun for the players involved. However, as fun and funny as this game can be, it can be dangerous. You’ll want to have a confident, stable relationship with your dog before playing as it brings out primal urges in the animal that can potentially lead to an accident. Just remember to be aware and patient.

Obstacle courses: Depending on how much room you have in your home or apartment, and the size of your furry companion, constructing a course out of pillows, collapsible tubes and other various items is not only a good physical activity but mental as well. Try placing treats in random spots and having your dog sniff them out. This will keep them entertained while they run the course. This idea can always be moved to the backyard or a park.

Hide and Seek: If you can keep from laughing and giving away your position, hide and seek is a wonderful way to stimulate your dogs mind. Or, take their favorite toy or food item and hide it away. They’ll search the whole house, while building confidence in their ability once they’ve found it.

An active dog is a happy dog and there really are countless fun things to do with your furry friend each and every day. Limited space shouldn’t hinder you or your pet from getting active. Be creative, get goofy and whenever possible, include your pup when going on adventures, he’ll thank you for it.