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Bull Dog Resources

  • Dog Time: Helpful information on how to care for your bulldog.
  • Wikipedia: A detailed history on how the bulldog came to be.
  • PetMD: This helpful resource will tell you important information on this specific breed of dog.
  • Vet Street: Learn from the best. This site has tons of info from training to breed characteristics.
  • AKC: American Kennel Club is the first place to look when curious about anything dog related.
  • Animal Planet: Wondering if a bulldog is the right breed for you? This website will tell you if it is or isn’t.
  • Dog Breed Info: Can connect you to shelters and tell you about any breed of dog you’re wondering about.
  • BCA: Looking to connect with other bulldog owners? Look here! They’ll also tell you about how you can advocate for the breed.

Are you a fellow breeder or shelter? If you are and are curious about how you might get your website listed, please go the About page for information on how to contact me.