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Breeding the Best Bulldogs in California

Who We Are

Golden Gate Bull Dogs is owned and operated by bull dog enthusiast, Paul Henderson. Not entirely a one man show, he works alongside a charismatic crew at the shop in San Francisco, California. Henderson’s decision to start breeding happened by accident. His dog, Roger, was scheduled for neutering and during the weeks leading up to his surgery ended up loose in the neighborhood. The tale seems unlikely, but it is in fact true. During Rogers escape, he impregnated one of the female bull dogs that lived only a few houses down. Paul was notified months later and took full responsibility. Fostering the puppies and selling them to interested buyers is what sparked his desire to make a job of it.

Golden Gate Bull Dogs now runs full speed from a shop in the city. Responsible, caring and educated, this company delivers the best bull dog pups anyone has ever seen. Keeping their¬†animals on a strict diet and making sure they’re walked and exercised regularly is one of their top priorities. A healthy dog, is a happy dog! They also have access to a large play yard, where employees work on training and socializing.

That’s not all they do though. Golden Gate also works with volunteers to help run their humane bull dog sanctuary for recently abandoned and abused dogs. Considered a “bully breed” these types of dogs can get a bad wrap and are often subjected to cruelty because of this. Golden Gate works endlessly to educate the community on the beauty of bull dogs. There is no such thing as a bad dog, only bad habits.

Since their beginning back in 2002, this company has both created and rehomed hundreds of dogs. If you’ve ever had your doubts about this breed, after a visit, you’ll surely have changed your mind. So, if you’re looking to bring comedy and joy into your life, consider either purchasing a new bull dog puppy or adopting one of the many living in the sanctuary. Dogs are wonderful companions and can do so much for a family. If you’re curious to learn more about Golden Gate Bull Dogs or have any questions, you can reach them by going to the About page.

Paul Henderson guarantees that before any dog is sold that it is registered with the American Kennel Club and that all their vaccinations are up to date. Golden Gate Bull Dogs is a no-kill company.